Standard Pricing

For local jobs with a small amount of items we have a low call out fee of just £45.00 which includes 20 items,
thereafter £1 per item up to 200 items.

201 items  plus please ask for a quotation by emailing below.

Please note

Items such as a PC or other appliance that has a separate iec lead supply will be treated as two separate items. The lead has to be tested first followed by a test for the full appliance. i.e. a typical computer set up will have 4 items. 2 x iec leads, a pc and a monitor.

Labour charge for basic repairs like replacing fuses and 3 pin plugs will be included. 
Fuses FOC, 3 Pin plugs £ 2.50 each

fixed appliances

Fixed appliances such as hand dryers that are wired into a fused connection unit and don’t have a 3 pin plug have to be isolated before testing can commence. Some companies wont want to have the power cut while these are tested. In this case we can only carry put a Formal Visual Inspection on this equipment that can be seen.

In domestic properties there could also be fixed appliances like a cooker, cooker hood etc
If appliances cannot be removed due to the way they are built into the fabric of the building/kitchen units then we will advise if we cannot inspect. We don’t want to cause damage to units, flooring etc. 

If you decide that you would like these fixed appliances testing and don’t mind the power being turned off then we charge an hourly rate of £ 35.00 for the fixed appliance isolation and testing work. 

Please note that if you have an alarm on your property and the backup battery has not been replaced in the last five years it could well not bridge the time without power and the alarm will sound when the power comes back on. Please have your alarm code to hand so you can over-ride the alarm bell. Alarm backup battery replacement is often something that is forgotten/neglected. That’s why alarms go off all over the place when there has been a power cut!

Stationary Appliances

Large stationary items like washing machines and dishwashers will be assessed on site for access. If access to the 3 pin plug cannot be gained without damage to your kitchen units or flooring then we cannot test.  Obviously if the customer has pulled these out into the open before we arrive then this is overcome and also saves time for everyone.

Email for a quote for large quantities

Please email us with your address details and a rough idea of how many appliances you will need testing.(Items with a plug)

We will come back with a price asap.