PAT stands for portable appliance test.

Around the work place you will have a wide range or electrical appliances that have either 3 pin plugs fitted or other types of plug such as 110v connectors as would be used on building sites etc. Depending on the type of equipment they may need PAT testing periodically in line with the IET Code of Practice.

Visual Inspections and electrical tests are carried out with dedicated test equipment by trained staff. The visual inspection makes sure that there is no physical damage to the appliance, its cable and plug etc. If an item is damaged it would fail the test. However at PeakPat we carry basics like fuses, plugs and iec leads so if you wish they can be replaced there and then.

The PAT machines we use carry out a series of tests to make sure that there are no internal wiring faults and that the insulation within the appliance is not starting to breakdown creating a potential hazard.

IET Code of Practice (Institution of Engineering and Technology)

Within the IET code of practice is a table which divides portable appliances into different categories. It also shows a table which gives advice on how regularly a PAT should be carried out based on that category and work environment. For example a PC based in an office would not need testing as regularly as a drill used daily on a building site. 
The testing intervals are very risk based. Our staff know these frequencies and will recommend the retest date as appropriate.